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KFPS News:-Footy well wishes, OSLE 2018, Be sunsmart, Bendigo Education Plan 2028, Poetry writing, Talking Matters, Woolworths Earn and Learn closes get your stickers.Dismissal last day of term 2.30pm

Wed 13th of September at 12:00 pm

KFPS News: Literacy & Numeracy week, special awards this friday, Science Night success, Whirrakee Sizzling Starts, Community connections with Kinder kids, OSLE Meeting, School Council Meeting Tuesday.

Wed 6th of September at 1:00 pm

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Mini Gumnuts

Yesterday we all enjoyed our excursion to Peppergreen Farm, where we tried a number of different vegetables, dug for potatoes, played with worms and planted either lettuce or mint. We then took a stroll to Lake Weeroona via Flavours Icecream shop and onto the playground. It was a great day that everyone enjoyed.

Posted on Thu 10th of November at 3:54 pm


Mini Gumnut News


Posted on Tue 1st of November at 2:46 pm


Mini Gumnuts

On Monday part of our LLLL (Little Learners Love Literacy) program we celebrated Milo Monkey's 6th birthday. We all had a fabulous time with lots of singing the Milo sound song and of course happy birthday with Mr Fiegert playing the saxophone.

Posted on Tue 30th of August at 3:40 pm