Room One News

Posted on Tue 13th of September at 1:36 pm

Science in Room 1
This Term, we have been learning about “Earth’s Place in Space”. We have explored how the patterns in the sky relate to days, months and years. We have used hands-on activities and investigations to learn more about the relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun.

This week, we have looked at the Australian Aboriginal interpretations of the night sky. Australian Aboriginal culture has its own astronomy with its own stories and traditions which has survived for over 60,000 years, making it the oldest astronomy using culture in the world.

In particular, we learnt about the story of the “Emu in the Sky”. The Emu is stretched across one of the most familiar objects in the night sky, the Milky Way. Look closely at the Southern Cross and you will see its head as a dark smudge tucked near the bottom left hand corner of the constellation. Its neck passes between the two pointer stars, and its dark body stretches the length of our luminous galaxy. We then created our own pieces of art depicting the “Emu in the Sky”.