What's happening in the Ironbark Neighbourhood?

Posted on Tue 7th of November at 10:29 am

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Ironbark Neighbourhood. We are learning all about animals and the environment around us. Very soon we will be putting up some nesting boxes around the school. We will be learning about the different animals that might use our nesting boxes. If you see a nesting box, please just look at it and don’t try to touch or disturb it as we really want our local wildlife to call these boxes home. Next week we have a bee expert coming to our school to talk about the importance of bees to our ecosystem. In maths we have been learning about Measurement and taking part in rotations. All students will get a chance to learn more about volume, capacity, area, perimeter and mass throughout the next 3-4 weeks. In Music, our students are practising our unit item for the upcoming Celebration Night. In PE, our students have been participating in the Bike Ed program run by Mr Colley. It is great to see everyone trying their hardest and learning to follow road rules as part of Bike Education. It was fantastic to see a HUGE number of Ironbark students receiving Premiers Reading Challenge certificates. Remember to keep your certificates in a safe place at home. Don’t forget to wear your sunsmart school hat every day when you’re outside as the weather is going to start to heat up!